4 Teeth-Friendly Valentine’s Tips for Kids

If you think you eat a lot of candy on holidays, it’s nothing compared to the sugar-haul your kids bring home. Candy sticks to Valentine’s Day cards like it sticks to, well, teeth. Protect your kids’ teeth this Valentine’s Day (without causing a “no candy” riot zone) with these tips from Jordan Dentistry.

4 Teeth-Friendly Valentine’s Day Tips

  1. mother kissing daughter, tomatoSkip hard candy. Sugar is sugar, right? Not when it comes to oral hygiene. Hard candies don’t simply introduced sugar into your child’s mouth; they’re more like a sugar bath, slowly eroding tooth enamel as your child sucks through layers of lollipops and hard candy. If you want to avoid cavities, skip the hard candy.
  2. Enjoy sweets (within limits). When you practice healthy dental habits as a family, a little indulgence now and then won’t hurt. But be smart about it. Give your child soft candies that don’t linger in the mouth. Enjoy Valentine’s Day treats as a post-meal dessert, when the saliva is already ramped up to wash out your mouth.
  3. Wash it away. Whatever treats you enjoy with your kids, good dental care is important to healthy teeth. Practice brushing and flossing twice daily with your kids to instill good habits.
  4. Candy-free Valentine’s Day fun. Nobody wants to be that parent who sent broccoli instead of chocolate with their child’s Valentine’s Day cards. But if you’re creative, the kids may never notice you skimped on the sweets. Try goofy gifts, temporary tattoos, comic books, bubbles, play-dough, or other fun, small toys instead.

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