5 Everyday Ways You’re Ruining Your Smile

Most of our patients, here, at Jordan Dentistry, located in Cumming, Gorange juice A, know the major things to observe and avoid when it comes to their dental health. The basics like, don’t smoke, brush twice a day or don’t drink too much coffee or wine. But even the most observant and conscious of our dental patients overlook things that might be harmful to their teeth. Check out 5 surprising and everyday ways you might be ruining your smile.

  1. Acidic Drinks – Your morning orange juice, the refreshing homemade lemonade on a hot summer day and the sports drink after a strenuous activity. These are all full of enamel-eroding acid that could harm your teeth. Drinking these every now and then is not going to make or break your dental health, but be sure to rinse your mouth with water afterward.
  2. Summer Swim – One of the best and most widely shared way to cool off in the summertime is taking a dip in the pool. But if you are an avid swimmer, this activity might actually be harming your teeth! The chlorine often used to ensure water is safe to swim in, has a low pH which can cause dental abrasion and leave your teeth weakened.
  3. Your Toothbrush – You might think that this is the one thing that is a safe space when it come to dental health, but you would be mistaken. The wrong toothbrush or a faulty brushing technique can damage your teeth. Choose a brush with softer bristles and be sure to observe proper brushing technique.
  4. Chewing Ice Cubes – It happens everyday, you reach the end of your iced drink and when the beverage is gone, what’s left are the ice cubes. Ice cubes are a hard substance to chew on ,it can chip away at your enamel and even chip your tooth in some instances.
  5. Using Teeth as a Tool – We’ve all done it. Using our teeth to open that stubborn bag of chips or breaking a piece of plastic, but using our teeth this way can lead to dental issues. A broken tooth doesn’t seem worth the extra couple seconds to find a pair of scissors.

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