A Nutritious Smile

It is common knowledge that eating a healthy diet can increase your overall wellness.  Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables can promote respiratory health, and salmon can boost heart-health. All of these foods are great for your body, but do little good without the help of your teeth to chew them with. So what are some good foods to eat for those pearly whites? Jordan Dentistry has compiled a list of foods to eat for a whiter and healthier smile.Healthy food for teeth


We all know that drinking water throughout the day to stay hydrated is one of the best things to do for health. But what about the health of your teeth? Water is great way to keep your teeth washed clean of harmful sugars and acids. When these things stay on your teeth it can do damage.

Foods high in fiber

Foods high in fiber like spinach or kale are great for teeth.  These types of foods act as scrubbers while you eat! It takes a fair amount of chewing to consume these foods, which allows it to clean your teeth.

Sugarless Gum

Though it is not technically food, sugarless gum increases the amount of saliva the mouth produces. The saliva helps to wash away anything harmful to your teeth and keep them clean. However, gum filled with sugar can have the opposite effect.

Food High in Calcium

Food rich in calcium can help strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

Harmful Food For Your Teeth


It is wonderful, delicious and hard to stay away from, but consuming sugar is one of the worst things for teeth. Food items like soda or sticky gooey candy will stay on teeth and harm them.

Highly Acidic Foods

Food like lemons, though great for other things, can eat away at the enamel of your teeth. In moderation, healthy acidic food can be okay, but it is best to try and wash it away with a glass of water after.

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