Baby’s First Time…at the Dentist!

Being a new parent can be as overwhelming as it is joyful, with so many things to know and take care of. One thing that can get lost in the shuffle is baby’s first dentist visit.

Did you know most children don’t see the dentist until they’re over two years old? That’s long after the American Association of Pediatric Dentistry recommends. Parents should take their child to the dentist for the first time within six months after their first tooth appears, or at most by the time they are one year old. This first visit is so important in so many ways. It sets the tone for baby’s future visits with the dentist, and dental health as they grow. The earlier you start, the better chances children have to develop good habits and healthy teeth! a baby chews on her finger

Jordan Dentistry can help your newly-teething baby and you as parents in many ways. We will discuss ways to brush and floss your kids’ teeth, appropriate cleaning schedules, and other tips for proper dental care. We can talk about anything that’s worrisome about children’s teeth–thumb sucking or pacifier dependence, for instance. Jordan Dentistry can also help with strategies to survive teething! Not only is Dr. Jordan an experienced pediatric and family dentist, but our office staff is full of parents just like you.

While baby teeth do eventually fall out to be replaced by permanent teeth, they are so important for children’s long-term health in the meantime. Good teeth are vital to good eating habits. It’s easier to get kids to eat their vegetables if they have strong teeth for crunching!

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