Back to School Dental Care

School Bus

School is officially in! Many kids across the state of Georgia started back to school this week with lunch boxes and backpacks in tow. With summer vacation reaching its end, kids will be spending more time at school, doing homework and participating in extracurricular activities. With the hectic schedule that comes along with the school year, caring for teeth can sometimes be put on the back burner. Jordan Dentistry, located in Cumming, Ga, has these back-to-school dental care tips for your kids!

  • Healthy Lunches – This is one of the most important back-to-school tips to observe. Healthy foods equal healthy teeth. Your child’s every meal can’t be monitored like it can during the summer, so packing their lunch boxes full of something healthy for them and their teeth is important.
  • Mouth Guards for Sports – The school year brings with it the sports seasons. Whether it be baseball, basketball, softball, football or whatever your child’s sport of choice is, teeth injuries occur and occur often. Mouth guards are a great way to avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist.
  • Regular Brushing – Brushing at least twice a day is important whether in school or out. Have your child brush once when the wake up in the morning, and then again before they go to bed at night.
  • Regular Dental Checkups – This one might seem obvious, but with the crazy scheduled brought with the beginning of a school year, it can be easy to let something like regular checkups lapse.

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