Back To School Dental Health Tips



With kids heading back to school, making sure that their dental health isn’t neglected in between sports, clubs and homework is super important. Preventive steps will help save you money and time that your kids miss school due to dental problems. In today’s post, we have put together a list of homework to ensure that your child or teen’s healthy teeth check-ups are the only dental appointments they will need this year.

Make sure they brush and floss

For the little ones in your family, making sure they are not only brushing and flossing properly but that they are doing it at all is really important. Talk with them about the importance of healthy teeth and having good personal hygiene.

Don’t Miss Dental Check-Ups

With crazy schedules with everyone in the family, make sure that dental check-ups aren’t missed. See Jordan Dentistry every six months for your exam and dental cleaning.

Protect Your Mouth

Some of the most common sports injuries are dental injuries. Youth athletics are an important part of life for many kids, and dental injuries can happen in any sport. Make sure your child or teen wears a dental mouth guard to protect his/her teeth during practice and games.

Eat A Healthy Lunch

What we eat can directly impact our dental health. So making sure you are packing your kids lunch with

The foods we eat can impact our dental health. Pack fresh veggies and fruits for a vitamin packed energy burst. Avoid sugary drinks and sodas in the lunch box. Cheese is a great snack option because it has recently been shown to help protect teeth against cavities!

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