Brush Your Teeth… For Your Heart?

When we brush and floss our teeth daily, most of us don’t consider the benefits of that care extending heartbeyond our oral health. But in reality health of our mouths could be linked to other areas of our body. The month of February is American Heart Month, and though we don’t often take it into consideration, our dental habits could be affecting our heart health as well. It is common association that people with periodontitis often experience risk factors that affect their heart and blood vessels too. The two have yet to be conclusively linked, but gum disease is definitely a signal that the heart’s health is following a similar path. Jordan Dentistrylocated in Cumming, GA, has these tips to keep your mouth AND your heart healthy.

  • Brush and Floss Regularly – Keep up with your regular dental care and your teeth will thank you for it. To mitigate the risks of periodontitis, observing regular dental care habits is essential.
  • Exercise – Physical activity is one of the most important things we can do for our heart health. Not only does it give the heart a workout, but it affects other important factors.
  • Manage Cholesterol Levels – This is one of the factors improved by regular exercise. Other efforts that help are consuming a healthier diet, high in fiber.
  • Manage Weight – Again, eating right and exercising are HUGE in keeping a healthy weight.
  • Stop Smoking – This point might seem obvious, but it bears saying. If you want a healthy mouth and heart, smoking is really out of the question.

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