Can Sinuses Cause Tooth Pain?

As the seasons change and fall allergens kick into gear, sinus problems become more common. Whether a cold, something more serious like a sinus infection, or just uncomfortable sinus pressure from congestion, did you know that sinus pain can cause tooth painsinus pain causing tooth pain

It’s true: your teeth can sometimes hurt because of sinus pressure. This phenomenon is sometimes called “referred pain” and can also happen in other parts of the body. The sinuses and the molars are only separated by a little bit of bone and tissue; congestion in the sinus cavities can easily press on the nerve endings in your teeth, causing pain.

How do you know if your tooth pain is sinus-related? First, consider how much it hurts. Sinus pressure will usually cause mild to moderate tooth pain, generally described as a dull ache, and you will probably feel pain in multiple teeth. It may be difficult to pinpoint which specific tooth is in pain. Moving your head, or bending over and then standing up quickly, will likely make the pain worse. It is unlikely to be severe or very sharp pain.

If you think your tooth pain is related to sinus pressure, try at-home remedies. Decongestants (and antihistamines if the congestion is allergy-related), hot showers with lots of steam, warm compresses on your face, and staying hydrated can all help. If you have a fever, green mucus, or other symptoms of a sinus infection, see your doctor.

If you’ve ruled out sinus pressure and are still having tooth pain, come see Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA. Together we’ll get to the bottom of this!

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