Child Dental Care Tips

The month of February is Children’s Dental Health Month, but the importance of healthy teeth in
children will be no less significant when this month ends. Kids can experience dental health issues just like adults do, and it’s important for parents and guardians to be aware. To wrap up this month Jordan Dentistry, located in Cumming, GA, wanted to review some of our best posts on children’s dental health. We have listed some of our favorites and the ones we think you find to be the most beneficial for you AND your child.

Child Dental Health Roundupkid swinging

  • Back to School Dental Care – It’s not often considered, but the start of a new semester can sometimes trigger a decline in dental health. Don’t let the school year ruin a healthy smile.
  • Inspire Your Kids to Brush – For parents with younger children, it can often be a hassle to inspire kids to perform regular dental care habits. This post is full of tips and tricks to help you win the battle of inspiring your kids to brush.
  • Save Face This April – Sports play a major role in the lives of many kids across America. For the more physical sports out there it’s important to keep their mouths and heads protected. Check this post out for some tips!
  • Clean Teeth With a Mouth Full of Braces – Many children go through a period in their young lives when they have to wear braces. But keeping those pearly whites clean during the process can prove to be challenging.
  • Cavities and Decay Can Develop Even in Infants – Adults aren’t the only ones who can get cavities. Infants can experience some of the same issues early on, know the facts!

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