Dental Checkups Before School

The new 2019-2020 school year is here! We can hardly believe that August starts next week. Is summer really over? We think so, and we can tell by the flood of teeth cleanings and check ups that we are seeing in the office for the past several weeks – it’s just that time of year. If your students are headed back to school, whether it’s college, high school, middle school, or elementary school, now is a great time to have their teeth cleaned so they won’t have to miss a day of school for their appointment. But, why is teeth cleaning so important to you and your children’s oral health? Here are 3 great reasons why you need to come see us at Jordan Dentistry, your family dental office in Cumming, GA, for your children’s teeth cleaning.

Little girl opening her mouth1 – To Prevent Gum Disease

Periodontal disease affects about 50% of children in the United States. Kids may or may not have the best eating habits, and especially if they are young, they may not do the best job at cleaning their teeth regularly. Bringing them in for their regular cleanings and check up will make sure that you avoid any problems with gum disease before they start.

2 – To Avoid Costly Dental Repairs

Children’s bad eating and or oral health habits could lead to costly repairs such as fillings for cavities, or major surgery for fixing an over or underbite if not caught in time. Scheduling your check ups will help the dentist see how your children’s mouths are changing as they grow. If they have a misalignment, now is the time to fix it before their jaws are fully developed.

3 – To Have a Bright Smile

Keeping your children’s teeth clean at an early age will prevent discoloration and yellowing as they age. This way, you won’t have to be considering teeth whitening procedures when your child is only a teenager.

Call us today to schedule your student’s regular teeth cleaning and dental check up. We look forward to making sure your family is on the road to good oral health!

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