Dental Floss Saves the Holiday

Thanksgiving dinner is only a day away – do you have everything ready and prepared? Have you remembered a knife to cut the pie, hung up all of your decorations, and set the table? You’ve probably forgotten something, and believe it or not, something in your dental cabinet can actually save the day! Jordan Dentistry shares 5 uses of dental floss – not tooth related.

flossingbugs1. Cutting the Cake

A piece of unflavored dental floss held taught between the fingers can actually do a better job of cutting a cake than a knife can! It gives clean cuts without ruining the cake.

2. Hang Everything

Trying to figure out how to tie up that wreath? Use mint green floss – its practically invisible if you’re trying to tie up a natural garland.

3. Decorating the Tree

This is where that mint green floss will come in handy again. Trying to put up your Christmas tree this week but run out of the wire hangers? Use a length of floss to tie a loop and voila – the perfect ornament hanger.

4. Saving Your Christmas Cookies

Cooked your Christmas cookies just a few minutes too long and they’re stuck to the pan? Slide a piece of unflavored dental floss between the cookies and the pan – they should come loose easily and stay in one piece.

5. Get a Good Nights Sleep

This one might sound odd at first, but you’ll thank us. Do you have a dripping faucet in one of your guest’s bathrooms? They’ll thank you when you tie a length of floss around the spout and let it hang down to the sink. The water will slide down it rather than drip-drip-dripping all night long.

Has dental floss come to the rescue in your home for the holidays? Tell us your story in the comments below! And, have a Happy Thanksgiving from the Jordan Dentistry family to yours!

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