Dr. Jordan Participates in Tools 4 School

On Sunday, August 4th, Act Together Ministries partnered with local Alpharetta and Cumming, GA churches to host their annual Tools for School event to help foster children and children from low income families prepare for their new school year. Jordan Dentistry was proud to be a part of this event and help get the children in our local community ready for a fresh year. Dr. Jordan herself spent the day visiting with children and doing their regular oral exams.

Tools 4 School

Act Together Ministries is a children’s charity in Alpharetta, GA. They serve children in distress, specifically foster children from low-income families and children in single parent homes. Their programs and services are open to families throughout the Metro Atlanta area. To host their event, they partnered with Christ the Shepherd and the Vine Community Church. Christ the Shepherd is a Lutheran church in Alpharetta, and the Vine is a local congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America, located in Cumming. All three of these organizations partnered together to host the “Tools 4 School” event where children were able to receive school supplies, haircuts, and medical and dental screenings. The community donated school supplies which were set up in a ‘supply shop’ for the children to bring their supply lists and shop through the store of backpacks, pencils, calculators, pens, notebooks, pencil boxes, rulers, markers, erasers, and more. The kids even got to have some fun at the event with organized games and crafts and it even included lunch!

Dr. Jordan attended the event as a dental professional volunteer. She was there with other medical professionals helping the students get their eye, ear, and oral exams so that they could get their 3300 Georgia Department of Human Resources Certificate completed that they needed to get their enrollment accepted at their public schools.

Jordan Dentistry enjoys giving back to our community and helping children in need. Dr. Jordan had a great time working with the kids and looks forward to volunteering again next year!


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