FAQs About Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a commonly used preventative practice for avoiding cavities and tooth decay. Many people have questions about dental sealants, so Jordan Dentistry answers a few of your frequently asked dental sealant questions.

What Are Dental Sealants?Dental Sealant

A sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent cavities and decay. They are usually applied to the molars and premolars.

Who Gets Dental Sealants?

Typically, dental sealants are used on children between the ages of 6-14 to reduce their likelihood of getting a cavity. They can also be used on adults if there are no signs of decay to prevent against future occurrences.

How Long Does a Sealant Last?

After a sealant is applied, they usually last about 10 years. This time range can vary depending on the type of food you eat and the wear and tear on your teeth.

How Are Sealants Applied?

First, the tooth is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Then, cotton or other absorbent material is applied around the tooth to keep it free of moisture. Next, the surface of the tooth is roughened up with a special type of acid. This allows the sealant to stick to the surface of the tooth better. After the tooth is again washed and dried, the sealant is painted on. It bonds instantly to the tooth, but sometimes a special light is used to harden the sealant quicker.

Are Sealants Covered Under Insurance?

Often, dental sealants are covered under your insurance policy, but check with your insurer to be sure.

If you are considering getting dental sealants applied to your child’s teeth, give us a call at Jordan Dentistry today. We look forward to becoming your Cumming, GA family dentist!

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