Helping Your Child Get Used To Braces

bracesGetting braces is definitely a different experience that comes with its own set of social challenges and anxieties. Take a look at this short guide that’ll help you make your child’s transition to braces an easy one.


Remind them that braces can show personality. Red and green for Christmas? White and red for your favorite sports team? You can change the color of the bands around your braces each time they are tightened. It’s fun to try new color combinations.


Milkshakes for dinner. When braces are first placed on the teeth and each time they are tightened, they become sore for a few days. Deciding beforehand to pack pudding for lunch and make milkshakes and smoothies for dinner is a great idea. Your child will feel a little spoiled and won’t go hungry while his teeth hurt.


Remind them to “kill them with kindness.” Smile big and say thank you to the bully. Tell him he is lucky to have such great teeth. It takes more effort to smile and be kind, but it always works in the end.

These are just a few ways you can help your young buck adjust to their new life with braces. Reminding your kiddos to mentally encourage them self while in uncomfortable situations is also good. Things like “Braces are better to have now than later in life.” “My teeth will be perfectly straight after this!” are all positive things to think about when they begin to feel down about their braces.


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