It’s Berry Good!


The month of July is National Berry Month! Berries are some of nature’s most delicious and sought after fruits. From the main ingredient of a fresh baked pie to straight out of the garden, this fruit tastes great on all fronts. If you love berries as much as Jordan Dentistry, berry picking might be an activity that interests you! If you pick a direction in Georgia, chances are you will eventually find a berry farm! From blueberry picking to strawberry picking, Georgia everything you’re looking for.

Berries are not only a healthy delectable treat, but are also good for your breath! If the juices from some berries remain on your teeth for a length of time, it can eventually stain them, but if you rinse your mouth with water, berries can help combat bad breath with its richness in vitamin C. Dry-mouth causing bacteria cannot thrive in an area high in Vitamin C!

If berry picking strikes your interest this summer, here are just some of the many berry farms to choose from.

Berry Picking in Georgia

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