Make Brushing Fun


For many adults, brushing your teeth is a normal part of your hygiene routine. For many small children, however, teeth brushing is a dreaded chore that is often done improperly. Although maintaining a good dental hygiene routine isn’t the most exciting part of your day, it is a very essential tool to overall good health. If you are tired of forcing your children to brush their teeth everyday, don’t give up the fight. Take a look at some easy ways you can make teeth brushing not only fun for your kids, but effective.

Music – Everything is more fun with a few tunes. Turn on your child’s favorite song when it’s time to brush. Allow them to brush until the whole song is over. Not only will this break the monotony, but this will ensure that your child brushes for more than one minute.

Kid friendly gear – Teeth brushing may seem a little boring with a plain tooth brush and regular toothpaste. Update your supplies to more kid friendly options that are fun and colorful. This may get your children more engaged in the idea when they have fun characters and colors to look at.

Give rewards – Everything is more exciting when there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make up a challenge for a certain time frame to keep kids motivated to continue brushing their teeth regularly. Whether it is a week long challenge or a month, set a goal in place so that your kids will have something to look forward to if they continue good dental hygiene practices.

Switch it up – Change things around by allowing your child to brush your teeth one night. Show them the proper way to do so as they brush. Sometimes things aren’t desirable when you don’t know what you are doing. Arm your child with knowledge so they can feel confident when they brush. This will surely give your child a reason to smile.

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