May is National Smile Month

smiling dog

The month of May, is also a month of smiles! We are in National Smile Month, but it can be difficult at times to find a reason to keep a smile on your face, especially after a difficult day. Studies have shown that smiling, no matter how forced, can actually help improve your mood, and help your stress to dwindle. Here, at Jordan Dentistry, we encourage everyone to smile as often as possible. So, for those days when it may seem impossible to turn the corners of your mouth up, here are a few things to inspire you to crack that smile!

  • Endorphins are released – When we smile, it makes us feel happier because it actually releases endorphins in your body. Some people suggest that before a job interview, you smile at yourself in a mirror for 60 seconds to decrease your stress and heighten your mood.
  • Cortisol is reduced – cortisol is often referred to as the stress hormone, and when we smile it can be drastically reduced.
  • Success – Studies have shown that people who smile more have a better chance at success in the workplace and in their personal lives than those who don’t.
  • Over all health – Laughing can actually give your lungs a bit of a workout. It will expand the lungs, stretch your muscles and encourage homeostasis.

And if you just can’t seem to make yourself grin a little, take a look at a picture of a smiling dog, it always works for us! We even included one in this blog for you!


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