Pregnancy Means Increased Risk

Has the stork recently visited you and you have a new family member on the way? During your pregnancy there are lots of things that you need to pay special attention to including your diet and exercise, but did you know that your teeth also require special care? Jordan Dentistry cares for many mothers-to-be and these are the things that you need to know when you’ve got a baby on the way.

Dental Care during PregnancyWhen you are pregnant, your levels of progesterone increase dramatically which causes an exaggerated response to plaque bacteria. Because of this, pregnant women are more likely to develop gingivitis even if they are following a regular oral health care routine. Make sure that you tell your dentist at the first signs of gum disease symptoms to avoid any complications.

The risk for gingivitis is increased during months two to eight of pregnancy. Make sure you tell Dr. Jordan when you are pregnant – we may recommend more frequent dental cleanings during the second or third trimester to combat the increased progesterone and increased risk for gingivitis.

Your baby’s teeth will begin developing during the third to sixth months of pregnancy which means that it is essential that you are eating a balanced diet and getting enough calcium, vitamin D, C, and A, phosphorus, and protein. If you are not getting enough calcium, it could lead to bone loss, but eating lots of calcium-rich foods will ensure that both you and your baby have strong, healthy teeth.

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