Preventing Pain

Good Oral Health RoutineDo you worry about  going to the dentist and their procedure hurting your teeth and gums? What if we told you that you could avoid most of the pain by doing just a few simple things every day? Jordan Dentistry knows that the key to painless dentistry is prevention! 

A Good Oral Health Routine

The best time to be thorough about your oral health routine is in the evenings. Follow these simple six steps to prevent cavities and gum disease:

1. Brush Right Before Bed

Using a soft bristled toothbrush, spend a solid two minutes brushing each and every surface of your teeth.

2. Brush Your Tongue and Roof of Your Mouth

Your teeth aren’t the only part of your mouth. Bacteria like to hang on these places too.

3. Use Fluoridated Toothpaste

Using a toothpaste that contains fluoride not only will get your teeth clean and fresh, but will also help stregthen them.

4. Floss Nightly

Flossing removes bacteria that can destroy the enamel on your teeth. Wrap the floss into a C-shape and rub it up and down the side of each tooth all the way to the gum and back. Make sure you get every tooth!

5. No Sugar Before Bed

If you want a midnight snack, make sure you have it before you perform your oral health routine. If you sneak in a cookie or glass of milk afterwards, all that effort was for naught.

6. Keep Water Near Your Bed

If you wake up with a dry mouth, you’ll have hydration close at hand to keep the tissues in  your mouth moist.

With this oral health routine, plus a good brushing and rinse with mouth wash in the morning, you should avoid cavities and other related oral health problems. But, you should still come in and see us at Jordan Dentistry for your regular check up and dental hygiene visit at least once a year!

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