Professional Whitening at Jordan Dentistry

Everyone wants a great smile, and that starts with bright teeth. With so many professional whitening services available, how can you know which is your best option? There are many factors to consider: what type of stains are present, and how severe are they? Are there any sensitivity issues to be aware of? How much time and energy do you want to put into whitening your teeth, in the office and at home? And of course, what is your budget? When Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA helps you put together a whitening plan, we take all this into consideration.

At Jordan Dentistry, we offer the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system. Dr. Jordan selected this particular system after extensive research. We think you’ll agree that it offers the best natural-looking results. It requires only three office visits–you complete part of the process in your home. After the third and final visit, when Dr. Jordan applies the whitening, you’ll find your teeth are up to 16 shades lighter! Afterwards, at-home maintenance is easy, so you’ll be able to keep your smile bright and fresh. KöR works on stains from coffee, tea, red wine, and even tetracycline. 

But what about pain or discomfort? No one wants their teeth to hurt. That’s another reason Dr. Jordan utilizes KöR: patients using this system have reported little to no sensitivity and discomfort. We want you to have a positive experience at the dentist!

If you have questions or concerns about KöR whitening, or teeth whitening in general, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our staff at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA are friendly and knowledgeable! 

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