Save Face this April

hockey helmet

The warmer months seem to finally be in full swing and everyone is beginning to venture outside of their homes for some outdoor activities. Soon, we will see more and more kids and adults alike, enjoying the sports they have been unable to play for the past several months. But don’t rush into your spring and summer extracurriculars just yet; the month of April is National Facial Protection Month, and it couldn’t be held at a more opportune time! Jordan Dentistry located in Cumming, GA wants to urge anyone who participates recreational sporting events this spring and summer to take some extra precautions when it come to their face.

So, what kind of gear will you need?

  • Mouthguard – This goes especially for those who participate in contact sports. A mouth guard will help to keep your teeth safe, and is significantly less expensive than a repair to something like a chipped tooth.
  • Helmets or face shields – Concussions are very prevalent this time of year, and is all the more reason to take the extra precaution. Using a helmet in football is required now, and for good reason. A helmet will absorb an impact, and will reduce your chances and receiving head trauma.
  • Protective Eyewear – Eyes can be injured in the tamest of sporting events. It’s really easy to be poked or accidentally hit, and eyes are a very delicate part of our bodies and should be cared for like the rest.

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