Say “Cheese” Wasn’t Always Protocol

Say “cheese!” When someone says this to us, we know they don’t literally mean scream “cheese” back at them, but instead you know that’s the cue to pull up a big grin for a photograph. But, in all those old photos, people are never smiling. Have you ever wondered about why this is? Jordan Dentistry brings you a brief history on how smiling in photographs evolved throughout the years.

Long Shutter SpeedsSmile

Nowadays, we can take photos in a fraction of a second and capture your favorite football player just as he catches the winning goal, or a car speeding by at hundreds of miles per hour, captured so that it appears as if it isn’t even moving. But, when cameras were first developed, exposure times for film took upwards of 8 hours. Can you imagine holding a smile for 8 hours straight and not budging an inch? These long exposures were primarily used for landscapes, but as cameras progresses and shutter times because shorter – ‘only’ a few hours at a time – photographers would use stands to help people stay still for the complete exposure, but they still did not smile.

Poor Dental Hygiene

The other reason people did not want to smile in photographs was because of the poor dental hygiene of the day. It was not uncommon for people to have several missing or chipped teeth. At that time, if a tooth was rotting or need a root canal, their only solution was to pull it. Be thankful for your dentists today!

Photographs Were a Luxury

Getting your photograph taken was not something that people did on a daily basis. For most people, they may not have their photograph taken but once or twice in their life, if at all. Because of the rarity of the occasion, people felt the need for seriousness versus the levity we try to caption in the photos we take everyday.

Now, we take many photos a day on our iPhones or digital cameras and thanks to not only the advance in camera technology, but also the great work of your dentists keeping your pearly whites big and healthy, you can always look to the camera and say “cheese”! Come by Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA today and we will take a snapshot of your oral health. We can help you with cosmetic dentistry solutions to make you want to show off your smile to the camera.


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