Signs You Should See Your Dentist


A visit to the dentist isn’t always a fond idea to most people, in fact, it is a dreaded ordeal for many. It doesn’t need to be! Finding the right dentist for you can make all the difference in the type of experience you have. Scheduling an appointment with that dentist sometimes comes more frequently than every 6 months. So when do we know our dental issues are cause to pick up the phone and schedule an appointment? Jordan Dentistry, located in Cumming, GA, wants you to know the signs that going to see your dentist is crucial.

Signs You Should See The Dentist

  • Tooth pain – Are your teeth aching? This could mean many different things, and it is important to go see your dentist to asses the issue.
  • Swollen Gums – Or if your gums are bleeding every time you brush, it could possible that you have gum disease.
  • Splotchy Teeth – If you are seeing consistent white spots appearing on your teeth, it may be a sign of tooth decay.
  • Tooth Sensitivity to Cold or Hot – Have you ever bitten into a cold popsicle and cringed in pain? This could be a signal that you have a cavity or two that need to be filled.
  • Dry Mouth – Sometimes you just aren’t drinking enough water, but it could also be a sign of bacteria and disease in the mouth.
  • Bad Breath – No matter how many times you brush your teeth, you seem to always have bad breath. Don’t take this as just a nuisance, it could also mean that you are exhibiting symptoms of gingivitis.

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