Smile: It’s the Answer to Many of Life’s Problems!

Here, at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA, we always promote the act of smiling and showing offWoman Smiling those pearly whites, but this month we want to make sure you have some reasons to. There’s no better time than the present to take a step back from everything, and remind ourselves why grinning from ear to ear is something we should do every chance we get. If you answer yes to any of the following 4 questions, smiling is the answer to the problem!

  • Feeling a little blue? A smile can turn that frown upside down! Studies have shown that even if you are feeling sad or unhappy, making a smile (no matter how fake) send signals to your brain that you, in fact, are happy. The result is a sudden rush of endorphins being being pumped into your body!
  • Stressed out? Smiling can help with that too! Just like smiling helps us when we are  feeling sad, it can also serve as a means to de-stress. The rush of endorphins can slow your breathing and heart rate to help you work your way back to a calmer state of being.
  • On the job hunt? Studies have shown that when you smile in an interview or for a headshot on a resume, it can make you seem more likable and therefore hirable! So along with a fresh, professional set of clothes, don’t forget to bring a smile to your next interview.
  • Want others to be happier around you? When you smile, statistically speaking, it encourages them to be happier as well! Next time you want to make the world a happier place, just be sure to sport a big smile. It’s contagious!

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