Soda: We Know it’s Bad, but Why?

Coca Cola cans

With summer right around the corner, it is important to realize the health impacts something so many Americans resort to as a go-to refresher. This “item” is more commonly known by the names of “soda” or “pop” and consuming it not only doesn’t have health benefits, but it is extremely detrimental to teeth. One thing many people don’t realize is that soda, although extremely refreshing, is also extremely acidic. In turn, this means that it will corrode your teeth’s enamel making your teeth very susceptible to cavities, and tooth decay.

How serious is this? Considering some teenagers drink up to 12 soft drinks per day, it has gained more and more attention from the American Academy of Pediatrics.  In fact, after conducting a study, it was shown that diet soda abusers endure the same damage in the dental area as methamphetamine abusers.

The main factor is the acidity, as well as sweetness of soda, which both tear away the enamel exposing your teeth to the worst kinds of bacteria and virus’. Over time, this not only creates cavities but calls for oral surgery, loss of teeth, gingivitis, along with health implications with the rest of the human body.

Do you drink up to 3 soft drinks a day? Are you worried about what may happen to your teeth over time? Luckily it isn’t the end of the world. These 4 tips are a sure way to help prevent the worst.

  1. Substitute soda with other drinks: try and avoid this harmful liquid when possible.
  2. Rinse with water: We get it! Soda tastes good, so it is okay to have one every once in a while, just follow it by a quick rinse.
  3. Use fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse: both of these things reduce cavities and strengthen tooth enamel.
  4. Schedule a regular cleaning at your dentist’s office.

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