Souring Your Sweet Tooth

Halloween is almost here, and of course that means trick-or-treating and lots, and lots, of candy! What is your child’s favorite type of candy to eat? Fruity flavored, gummy, chocolate, or something sour? Would you believe it if Jordan Dentistry told you that one of these is worse for your teeth than others?

Sour CandyNot-So-Sweet

We all love candy, it doesn’t matter what your age is. And we aren’t going to tell you that you should never indulge. Instead, Jordan Dentistry wants to warn you of the dangers of a specific type of candy flavoring – sour. Sour candy is full of acids such as citric, fumaric, and malic. According to proof found in recent scientific studies, it has been shown that sucking for long periods of time on sour candies does more damage to your tooth enamel. They compared 4 brands of candy and compared the effects each of their sweet and sour versions: Jolly Rancher, Life Savers, Mike & Ikes, and Twizzlers. They were dissolved in water and a tooth was immersed in the mixture for 25 hours. When the teeth were examined, those that were subjected to the sour candy consistently had softer enamel. The candy that caused the most severe enamel erosion were the sour Jolly Ranchers.

Next time you’re strolling down the candy aisle (or rummaging through your little goblins candy sack) avoid those candies labeled as “sour.” As long as you are going to eat candy, you should at least try to minimize the damage to your teeth!

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