Sugar-Free Treats for Santa!

During this festive time of year, there’s nothing like enjoying cozy evenings at home by the fire, surrounded by twinkling strands of lights–and of course, holiday treats! There’s so much delicious food and drinks to try during the holidays, but all those goodies can do a number on your teeth. Just like in the summer, there are ways to enjoy holiday treats while still taking care of your dental health. Check out some of our favorite low-sugar or sugar-free holiday treats from Jordan Dentistry.Christmas Cookies

  • Dark Chocolate Coconut Bites. Bring a little bit of summer into your holiday with these delicious low-sugar treats. Make them ahead of time, store them in the fridge, and dole them out as an after-dinner treat on special days. Dark chocolate in moderation is better for your teeth than other kinds of candy, and even has some benefits for the rest of your body!
  • Cranberry Dark Chocolate Biscotti. Do you enjoy a little coffee in the mornings? Why not add this holiday goody with it?
  • Fruit. That’s right–don’t forget about simple fruit as a holiday treat. Whether dried cranberries, whole strawberries, peanut butter apples, or frozen raspberries, bananas, or blueberries, fresh fruit has all the sweetness we crave, all the fiber and vitamins we need, and none of the added sugar.

Remember, the key to oral health is to enjoy things in moderation, brush and floss properly, and see your dentist regularly. Contact Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA with questions or to make an appointment!  

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