Summertime Dental Tips for Kids


Boy eating ice cream

When you’re a kid, the summer is a very long vacation — the routine of the cooler months is cast aside for carefree indulgences in the heat. So avoid the dental payback for all those good times by choosing teeth healthy foods and by following these guidelines from Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, Ga!

  1. Reform Breakfast – Bust the quick sugary breakfast cereal so readily adopted during the hectic school year. Spend more time preparing fruits and protein for your kids’ first meal of the day.
  2. Salt over Sugar – The ballpark can become a second home every summer and that can wreak havoc not just over your diet, but positive dental hygiene, as well. Choosing salty snacks over sugary ones is better overall.
  3. Choose Ice Cream. If sugar must be the choice, stay away from sticky candies that adhere to teeth. Believe it or not, ice cream is the lesser of the sugar evils. Drink water afterward to wash away the sugar, as well as to hydrate.
  4. Protein is a good acid buster. Pack nuts, cheese, meat sandwiches for camp lunches. Avoid peanut butter and jelly since it’s considered to be more sugar than protein.
  5. Water. Choosing this natural resource is not only good for your digestion, skin and metabolism but it washes away a lot of sugar and acid from the teeth. Substitute water for acidic and sugar-laden soft drinks and it’s a win-win. Stay hydrated!
  6. Sipping all day leads to tooth decay. If you have a child that sips all day, substitute water for juice and/or milk. The sugars mix with saliva and create the acid that decays teeth. Each additional sip is an onslaught of decay.
  7. Utilize Straws. By drinking from a straw, the majority of sugary drinks don’t make contact with teeth. However, if the choice is usually water, there’s really nothing to worry about anyway.
  8. Braces & Brushes – Teenagers have a plethora of concerns about their appearance so you would think clean teeth would be high on their list. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. As parents, you may lose control over their diet, but you don’t have to sacrifice influence. Monitor and coerce your teen(s) into proper dental hygiene.
  9. Consider dental sealants for your children. As soon their adult teeth erupt, sealants can be applied but only to teeth free of decay and fillings.
  10. Brush. It sounds so simple and repetitive. If diligence is to be missed, don’t miss the night. And certainly if your children haven’t brushed at night, ensure they do so in the morning. Brushing teeth morning and night is the goal.

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