The Nightly Grind

Many people know someone that grinds their teeth. You may even be the person you know who does! Grinding your teeth can wear down the enamel, causing heightened tooth sensitivity. Do you know the causes of teeth grinding? Most people think that grinding their teeth is something they can control, but it’s not. Teeth grinding is done unconsciously, most frequently in your sleep. But there are plenty of reported cases of grinding teeth during the day, too.

Common Causes of Grinding Teeth

woman asleep on laptopWhen you’re asleep the muscles in the body begin to relax. If you have an issue with your airway being blocked while you’re asleep, grinding your teeth will reopen the airway so you’ll be able to properly breathe again. Teeth grinding can also be a sign of stress or anxiety, overconsumption of alcohol or caffeine, smoking, or sleep disorders. Knowing what causes teeth grinding is the first step in being able to stop.

Remedies for Teeth Grinding

There are some very effective ways to stop teeth grinding, but the solution depends on the cause. One way to stop grinding your teeth is to get preventive tooth wear from your dentist. This will help you prevent wear to your teeth and stop potential tooth fracturing. Devices called mandibular advancement devices are also effective in stopping teeth grinding, but these devices are custom made.

If you are in Cumming and looking for a great dentist to help with your teeth grinding problem, call Jordan Dentistry. Make an appointment and we’ll fit you with a mouth guard that is comfortable to sleep in. We’ll also try to help find the root of the problem. Knowing the cause is helpful in finding a cure!

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