The Truth About Your Teeth and Chocolate

chocolateWith Easter fastly approaching, many of you may be wondering just what exactly chocolate does to your teeth and if you can handle just one more chocolate egg or the chocolate bunny. Well, the Jordan Dentistry team has put together a short guide that’ll tell you just whether or not you should eat the extra chocolate bunny or put it down. Take a look!

Whether you love dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, or any variety of this endorphin releasing, feel good treat, you may be surprised at the amount of positive data there is out there about how consuming chocolate affects the body and how it can have positive effects on your oral health.

Results released in 2017 from the Maine-Syracuse Longitudinal Study have indicated that eating chocolate on a daily basis over years can actually improve overall brain cognition. But what about your teeth? Let’s break it down by chocolate type.

Milk Chocolate

Although milk chocolate is one of the most popular and widely consumed types of chocolate, unfortunately, it is not so great for your teeth because milk chocolate contains more sugar than dark chocolate and much more than raw and unprocessed chocolate.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains polyphenols and is by far the better choice when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy and cavity free. These chemicals can help fight the overgrowth of bacteria and other organisms in the mouth.
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