Tips for a Bright Smile this Holiday Season

Healthy smiles are happy smiles!

The winter holidays can be a lovely time of the year. Because it is filled with lots of festive sites and sounds. It’s also filled with all sorts of wonderful sweet treats of all kinds from cakes to pies to cookies to beyond. Though holiday sweets are sweet and wonderful to eat. They can prove to be rough on the teeth. Therefore, one should make sure to follow some good and healthful dental tips for their teeth and the teeth of their family. What are these helpful tips for practicing good dental hygiene and care? Please read on. You will be happy you did.

Too many sweet foods and drinks can cause cavities. How does this happen? It is due to the presence of bacteria that is natural and occurring in the mouth. This bacteria feeds on the sugar and does cause acids as a by-product. It is this acid that can wear too enamel down and make it weak and not strong. Teeth can become susceptible to tooth decay and a host of other dental issues such as gingivitis.

How does one lessen the chance of cavities and other dental problems during the holidays? They are:

*Make sure to balance out your sweet intake with other foods.

*Make sure to choose sweets that dissolve quickly and don’t stick to your teeth.

*Make sure to brush your teeth regularly after eating sweets or anything sweet with sugar.

*Stay prepared with toothpaste, toothbrush, and floss.

*Rinse to refresh when you aren’t able to brush your teeth.

The most important thing is this. Do go for a dental exam right after the holidays or before them to your local family dentist. Want a good holiday dental place to make it happen? Go to Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, Georgia! Good holiday dental health and beyond is what they practice every day!

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