Tips + Tricks On Getting Rid of Bad Breath

With April being Oral Cancer Awareness month, it’s all about your oral health here on the blog this month. Starting it off we are talking about bad breath! We know everyone hates the morning breath (which is totally normal) but having bad breath all day could be because you aren’t taking care of your mouth. Today we have put together a few tips on keeping a healthy mouth and a fresh breath!

1. Brush, brush, brush! Keeping your teeth and gums free of bacteria build up is the first step in kicking bad breath. The longer bacteria and old food sits on your mouth, the smellier your breath will be.

2. Scrape, brush, rinse your tongue! Your tongue holds bacteria and can be a source of your bad breath. Add cleaning your tongue to your teeth cleaning routine.

3. Drink, rinse and stay hydrated! The reason for bad breath in the morning is because it is dry and your mouth is lacking saliva. Saliva works as a bad breath fighting solution that helps with washing away bacteria and particles.

4. Chew sugarless gum: Make sure you are chewing sugarless gum. Many types of gum have high sugar counts which will ultimately make your breath worse.

5.  If you feel you keep your mouth clean and do all the tips above but still have issues, you may need professional assistance in getting rid of bad breath. Contact us at Jordan Dentistry and we will get you in to see the problem!

Jordan Dentistry wants to keep you and your family’s oral health in tip top shape. To avoid periodontal disease and it’s nasty health side effects, make sure that you are regularly brushing for two minutes, twice a day and flossing once a day. And, don’t forget to make your dentist appointments every six months for your regular cleanings!

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