The legend of the tooth fairy has an interesting origin!

Where Does the Tooth Fairy Come From?

child in fairy costumeFebruary 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day! But where does the Tooth Fairy come from?

The Tooth Fairy has been featured in countless movies and cartoons, but her origins are much older than film. Likely the Tooth Fairy is an evolution of the Northern European tradition of tand-fé or tooth fee. The tooth fee dates all the way back to at least the 13th century Ireland, and as the name implies, involves parents paying their children for their lost teeth.

Even earlier than that, Medieval Europeans believed that a person’s tooth could be used by witches to control them, so they developed various practices for “safely” discarding lost teeth. It is likely that these superstitious practices evolved into or influenced the 13th century practice of the tooth fee. From there, there was only a small verbal jump from tooth fee to Tooth Fairy.

The earliest recorded instance of the Tooth Fairy is in a 1908 issue of the Chicago Daily Tribune. Because losing a tooth can painful or even scary for a young child, the issue encourages parents to teach their children about the Tooth Fairy to make the experience of losing a tooth fun and exciting instead of traumatic.

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