Tooth Whitening: Is it Safe?

Many things can stain your teeth such as coffee, red berries, acidic foods and smoking. These stains can be removed effectively with the KOR tray and gel system, which Jordan Dentistry proudly offers! Yes, tooth whitening is safe if guidelines are followed. That is why it is very important to have a dentist involved in the process. Some people buy kits at the store hoping to do it at home, but they could end up with uneven results or sensitivity. With KOR bleaching trays these things are much less likely to happen to you because the dentist follows the steps you will take to get whiter teeth.

  • First, an impression is made of your teeth so that the custom fitted trays can be made.Teeth
  • Next, The dentist guides you in the steps in his office and to do at home.
  • When you return added whitening is done to get the wow factor in the KOR results. You will leave with a beautiful white smile. It is not over done as the dentist includes you in the ongoing process.

If you have your teeth whitened it can take years off of your appearance. Stained and yellow teeth can make anyone stop smiling. Once you have your teeth whitened with the KOR method you will be smiling every day! This safe and proven method does what it promises to do. And since you can keep the trays you can always do it again in the future if needed.

Its a product that will bring you many bright and beautiful smiles!

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