Top 3 Tooth Concerns for Teens

The teenage years. They are sometimes even more dreaded than the terrible-twos. Your kids are hitting puberty, getting interested in “dating,” and having to deal with the pressures of high-school. But, on top of all of the social pressures that come with the teens, there are specific dental health concerns that you as a parent should be aware of for your teenager. Jordan Dentistry helps you understand the specific dental health needs that you should take note of.

Lip PiercingA Bad Bite = Braces

At this point in your teen’s life, your dentist will be able to tell what kind of smile they have – are their teeth beautiful and straight or are their teeth crooked with a bad bite? If your teens teeth are in need of a straighter alignment, braces could be in their future. But don’t worry, there are many options other than the traditional wire braces such as clear removable retainers that are less noticeable.

Wise Guys

Just when your teens start to think that they know everything about everything, their wisdom teeth will come in to prove it. Otherwise referred to as third molars, wisdom teeth come in typically between the ages of 17-21. They often do not come in straight or there is not enough room in the mouth for them to come in normally, so they require removal.

Adding Bling

These teenage years are also when piercing becomes all the rage. While oral piercings or lip piercings may look “cool,” they can be dangerous to your health. The piercing can easily get infected by the millions of bacteria in your mouth, or you could crack a tooth by biting down too hard on the mouth jewelry.

Jordan Dentistry wants to see your Cumming, GA family happy and healthy. We hope that you will talk about these issues with your teenager to help make sure their oral health is in tip top shape!

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