Top Reasons Teeth Become Stained

Doesn’t it seem impossible for teeth to stay pearly white? We always wish we had whiter teeth, but did you know many of the habits you have are what’s effecting the discoloration? Here are a few ways teeth become yellow, so you can change your habits!

tooth discoloration

  • Drinking dark liquids. Drinks like dark sodas, coffee and tea have acidity that your teeth don’t appreciate! If you’re an avid coffee or soda drinker, your teeth are bound to turn yellow, and quick!
  • Using tobacco products. We’ve all known about this one for awhile. Tobacco has toxins in the tar that highly effect the enamel on your teeth. Not only can teeth turn yellow, but they can decay as well.
  • Excessive flourine. Did you know that excessive exposure to flourine as a child can cause intrinsic staining!
  • Poor brushing habits. Listen to the dentists when they tell you to use an electric toothbrush, floss and get in those molars! Bad brushing habits can lead to excessive tartar buildup and cause yellow stains. Here are some bad brushing habits you might have and here’s how to fix them.
  • Tooth trauma. Fun fact: if you’ve hit your teeth pretty hard on something, the tooth can actually die, which causes discoloration as well. See a professional immediately to get help.
  • Ingesting of tetracycline antibiotics. If a child age 8 and under ingests to many of these, it can lead to long term tooth discoloration.
  • Grinding teeth. If you’re a teeth grinder, you might be in trouble! This bad habit can lead to cracks and dark spots, ultimately effecting the color of your teeth as well.


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