We’re Going to Hinman!

Dr. JordanDentists should constantly be continuing their education, learning more about the development of dental technology, and staying at the forefront of discussions on dental health. The industry and the knowledge we have about oral health is ever changing and developing. The annual Hinman conference held right here in Atlanta, GA gives dentists from all over Georgia a chance to take part in the conversation, and learn from their peers. This March, Dr. Jordan plans on yet again attending the Hinman conference to contribute her knowledge and expertise to their committee as a chairperson, and offer her guidance in the CPR continuing education classes.

Continuing Education Requirements

In every state across the U.S., the ADA has strict requirements as for how many continuing education hours dentists and dental hygienists much complete each year. These requirements ensure that your dental professionals are staying at the forefront of their industry and providing you with the best dental technology available. Here in Georgia, dentists and hygienists each are required to complete 40 hours of continuing education credits, 4 of which must be in CPR through the Red Cross. This year at Hinman, Dr. Jordan will be heading the CPR training sessions, so you have no doubt that your dentist is well trained in CPR!

Dr. Jordan and Hinman

Dr. Jordan has long been an active member of the Hinman conference, and one of their chairpersons that contributes ideas on how to make the conference a success for every attendee. This shows her commitment to excellence, and devotion to the dentistry field. She is looking forward to participating again this year, and helping dentists from across Georgia get their CPR certifications.

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