What Vitamins and Minerals do Your Teeth Need?

Most of us know the basics of routine dental care. Brush twice a day, floss daily, schedule regular fruits and vegetables dental appointments, etc. Most of our patients also know that nutrition plays a large role in our daily dental health checklist, but what exactly does this entail? Like our bodies, teeth also need specific vitamins and minerals to stay in optimal health. Jordan Dentistry, located in Cumming, GA, has a list of the types of nutrition you should be consuming to keep those teeth shining bright!

  • Vitamin K – This vitamin helps your body produce osteocalcin, which is a protein that helps strengthen and protect bones. Your teeth, as it happens, are bones!
  • Vitamin D – This vitamin help to boost bone mineral density and with the absorption of calcium.
  • Potassium – Potassium, like vitamin D, helps to increase bone mineral density. It also helps to keep the blood’s levels of acidity in check. If the acidic levels are too high, it could potentially lower the calcium levels from your bones and teeth.
  • Calcium – This is one that you’ve probably heard from your parents and grandparents. But calcium is essential the strength of our bones and teeth. It helps to strengthen the enamel of the teeth and jaw bone.
  • Phosphorus – This acts as a support system to your calcium intake. Phosphorus makes it easier for calcium to do its job building strong bones and teeth.
  • Vitamin A – Looking to avoid bad breath? Vitamin A is essential in the prevention of halitosis! It helps keep the mucous membranes healthy to curb dry mouth and helps the mouth the heal quicker from injury.
  • Vitamin C – The vitamin is very important, as it help to prevent gingivitis and gum disease.

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