What’s Scarier: Dentists or Toothaches?

Fear of the dentist is pretty common for kids. But anxiety about visiting the dentist can lead to a deterioration of oral health. Kids come to Jordan Dentistry a lot. After all, growing teeth require special care. Help your kids feel comfortable on their next visit with these tips for overcoming a fear of the dentist.

Help Kids Overcome Their Fear of the Dentist

  1. Overcome your own fears. Dentists get a bad rap. After all, nobody really likes lying down while someone pokes their gums, scrapes their teeth, and digs around their mouth. At Jordan Dentistry, we take special care to make the oral hygiene process fast and pain-free. But if your kids hear you complaining about the dentist, they’ll internalize it. To help your kids create a positive perception of the dentist, you gotta watch your mouth.
  2. boy getting a dental checkupTell them what to expect. A lot of childhood fears come from not fully understanding what to expect. Before your visit, tell your kids about the process. Make sure not to use words that might intimidate young children. Stick to words like “uncomfortable” instead of “painful,” or you may find your child’s fear growing.
  3. Teach them about oral hygiene. After all, dentists are here to help! Tell your kids why it’s important to take care of their teeth and gums. Help them understand that the dentist is a friendly doctor who helps their teeth stay healthy.
  4. Don’t offer rewards. This reinforces the idea that the dentist is something bad or scary.

The rest is up to us! We see a lot of nervous kids come through our chairs, and we always greet them with smiles and comfort. After all, liking your oral health team is a crucial part of overcoming dental fears.

For more information on oral hygiene for kids, call Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA.

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