What’s the Best Type of Toothpaste?

We often get asked by patients, “Whats the best type of toothpaste?” This is a great question to ask, so we decided to put it in a blog post to share with everyone. If you have any additional questions you’d like to ask about your teeth or oral health, please leave them in the comments and the team at Jordan Dentistry in Cumming, GA will get back with you!

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Great toothpastes are those that have fluoride in them. Using a toothpaste with extra strength fluoride may be necessary if you use well water instead of city water. This is because the water that comes from the city hookups has already had fluoride added to it to benefit your oral health. There are a few toothpastes available over the counter that have a little bit of extra fluoride, but your best bet is to talk to your dentist and get a prescription fluoride paste.

Which Toothpaste to Choose

There are so many different toothpastes to choose from – whitening, tartar protection, cavity protection, sensitivity, and more but which really do their job and which just have fancy labels? The first indicator is whether the box has the ADA seal of approval. If the packaging has this label on it, it means that the product has been tested by the ADA and is safe and does what is promises to do.

As a general rule, at Jordan Dentistry we recommend staying away from whitening toothpastes. These special products have abrasive material in them that could weaken your tooth enamel, leading you to have to buy the more expensive sensitivity pastes in the future. Just stick with a plain fluoride toothpaste, unless you have specific special needs.

Jordan Dentistry has your oral health in mind and our patients needs and questions are a priority. If you have a question about your oral health, please leave a comment or call us today.


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