When Teeth Whitening Just Won’t Work

TetracyclineTeeth whitening and bleaching is one of our most common cosmetic dentistry procedures. It gives our patients great results, for only a small investment of both time and money. It doesn’t require follow up care, or specialty attention afterwards, and it makes your smile look great. But, unfortunately, if you are one of the 10% of Americans that took tetracycline while your teeth were still forming, bleaching your teeth isn’t going to whiten your smile. Jordan Dentistry discusses why whitening treatments don’t work for tetracycline stained teeth, and the other options that you have to improve your smile.

What Are Tetracycline Stains?

Tetracycline is an antibiotic that was once widely used to treat all kinds of minor infections such as ear infections, urinary tract infection, severe acne, and more. It wasn’t until years later that doctors discovered that if children took the medication while their teeth were still forming, their teeth would be permanently discolored. This antibiotic was thought to be safe for pregnant women, but it was also discovered if taken during pregnancy, the tetracycline could stain the baby’s teeth brown or grey. The reason that whitening treatments won’t work on tetracycline stains is because the stain is not in the enamel of the tooth – where the whitening treatments react and can produce whitening results – the stain is in the actual dentin of the tooth.

What Are Other Whitening Options for Tetracycline Patients?

Cosmetic dentistry offers a wide array of options to improve a patient’s smile who has tetracycline stained teeth. Porcelain veneers are a thin veneer that is bonded directly to the front of the tooth. They require little to no drilling and are a great option for people that want to improve the color and shape of their teeth. Porcelain crowns are another option that can totally transform a smile. They are full caps over your old teeth that not only can make your smile whiter, they allow your costmetic dentist to realign your smile, get rid of any gaps, cracks, chips, or other cosmetic blemishes.

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