Why Get Tooth Colored Fillings?

In the past, if you needed a filling you would most likely get either a gold or amalgam filling. As cosmetic dentistry has evolved we now have a new  filling option that is tooth colored. There are many advantages to getting a tooth colored filling over the old metal fillings.

Silver Fillings

Amalgam fillings are a silver colored mixture of several different types of metals often including silver and mercury. These fillings are rather obvious to the wearer in terms of aesthetic, depending on where in the mouth the filling is required. Some patients also dislike the taste and feel of having metal in their mouth, so they opt for the tooth colored fillings.

Tooth Colored Fillings

This photo shows both the obvious amalgam fillings and a tooth colored filling which you will probably not be able to find.

Composite fillings are primarily made of a resin, and mixed with other inorganic materials. They can be colored to closely match the color of the patients teeth and will feel much like their normal tooth. Composite fillings are milled in office to precisely fit your tooth and can be very small, versus silver fillings that must be pressed into the cavity of your tooth and must be of a certain size to resist cracking and the possibility of falling off of your tooth. Tooth colored fillings also have a unique chemical attribute that allows them to bond to the surface of your teeth, this is why they can be as small as necessary to fit the required portion of your tooth. This bonding property can protect and increase the overall strength of the tooth in need of filling.

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Photo from Flickr.

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