Wise up, to Wisdom Teeth


Most of us want to get wiser as we get older. Maturing and developing as a human being is generally thought of as a goodthing, except when it comes to your teeth. And wisdom teeth especially. After we turn 17, the issue of wisdom teeth becomes this dreaded looming issue that we often put off addressing. 

Wisdom teeth don’t always need to come out, but often times, they do. Putting off getting your wisdom teeth examined by your dentist can lead to issues down the road.

  • Cavities or Gum Disease – If your wisdom teeth are able to come in, you still might not be able to brush or floss them properly. This can lead to complications like cavities and gum disease.
  • Impacted – They might not be able to come in properly because they are so far back in the mouth. They can become impacted in the jaw bone or gums. This can be extremely painful and uncomfortable,
  • Mouth isn’t big enough – A mouth can simply not be large enough for the teeth to come in.
  • Come in at wrong angle – If this happens, the wisdom teeth can press against the others and cause issues like pushing the others out of line.

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